Lines on Lines

Words about Dance

About the Author

Jordan Reinwald is a dancer and writer based in Chicago, IL.

Jordan earned her way into the Chicago dance community as a dance critic for and Clef Notes Journal. She currently performs with the Civic Ballet of Chicago, Khecari, and Cerqua Rivera Dance Theatre. She has appeared in works by Winifred Haun & Dancers, The Laboratory Dancers, The Blueprinting Project (Isabelle Collazo), Erin Kilmurray, The Inconvenience, Emily Stein, and Michel Rodriguez Cintra, among others. Jordan has taught dance at the Old Town School of Folk Music, The Chicago Park District, The Chicago Moving Company, The Jillana School, The Chicago Ballet Center, and River North Dance Chicago. Jordan is currently working on a new dance duet with Cuban choreographer Osnel Delgado Wamburg, Artisic Director of MalPaso Dance Company. Her project Document Cuba, in collaboration with photographer Quinn B Wharton aims to artistically document the collaboration process between U.S.-based artists and Cuban artists, as well as to document the  shifting environment for working artists in a changing Cuba.

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